CM Judge


Intermedia artist, C. M. Judge directs Moongate Studio in Fitchburg, MA where she creates drawings, paintings, installations and video art; teaches studio classes and conducts creativity seminars for artists ( Focusing on the poetic confluences of body and spirit, Judges work has been exhibited worldwideShe holds a Master of Science in Visual Studies from M.I.T. Ms. Judge is a 2019 recipient of the Médaille DEtain from the Socièté Académique Arts-Sciences-Lettres in Paris for excellence in art and positive contribution to society and the inaugural Present Tense Prize for excellence in new media from ArtsWorcester. 


Collaboration has played large role in Judges art making practice including a twenty year collaboration with Japanese film director, Atsushi Ogata, resulting in a large body of meditative video installations and a 10 year collaboration with Paula Rendino Zaentz exploring the historic and contemporary role of women through video performance and installation. Currently Ms. Judge is teamed with with French, video artist, Véronique Sapin with whom she founded and co-directs the FemLink-Art Collective that produces international video collages featuring work by149 women video artists from 66 countries. The Collective celebrated its tenth anniversary with a book documenting its history. 


As an advocate for womens art making, Ms. Judge has been active in the Womens Caucus for Art on the national level having served as the Vice President of the Northeast Region, President of the Boston chapter and co-founder the Central Massachusetts chapter with Joanne Boudreau. 


Sharing creative process is one of Ms. Judges joys. A teaching artist on the rosters of the New Hampshire State Council for the Arts and New England Foundation for the Arts, Ms. Judge specialized in facilitating collaborative public art projects involving groups of children, teens, adults and elders. Locally, she mentored girls through Montachusett Opportunity Council to create the public art mural Speak Up! Speak Out! on Main Street in Fitchburg and in our nations capital, was the lead artist for the permanent public art project, HELLO & WELCOMEfeaturing artwork by students from ten area schools for Dulles International Airport serving Metropolitan Washington, D.C.  

Moongate Studio, 32 Ashburnham Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420 (978) 343-7557  

“There is a moment when art begins to breathe and I completely forget that Im the one who made it – this birthing releases the work to begin its work to seamlessly influence others.”

My art making, whether drawing, painting, video or installation involves prayerful illumination” — a kind of looking/feeling/being present to the miraculous world. My footing or frame of reference is an extended gaze that perceives the interconnectedness of all things, the dignity of life, the confluence of the beautiful and the mundane. My art becomes a conduit for these intimate things. Painting is an extravagant way to bear witness: lush strokes of color in service to ones gaze.


Working with video is a dynamic process. Sometimes Im simply drawn into a physical reality that I find myself wanting to record as a moving image; other times, I have a clear concept that I want to shoot and I will gather together the elements (actors, objects, sound) to create a piece. Technology can be used to influence our sense of time. In commercial media its often to speed things up, to fast forward experiences (after all time is money). Im more excited by its capacity to allow us an extended gaze, time to savor more detail by slowing things down beckoning us to open our gaze to see anew.